Old Antique Photograph Print of Eastbourne East Sussex & Gloucester City Gloucstershire England c.1890

These Prints have 2 images either side of 1 page

Titles in this listing
Eastbourne Parade Sussex  & Gloucester City Gloucestershire

Pictorial England and Wales

Cassell and Company Limited, London, England

The Images
An interesting feature of the Photographs is if you look carefully at them you will see that many have features like people etc that would be moving are actually painted onto the Photographs. The reason for this was because the longer exposure time required at this time would blur anything that moved

The printed images are approximately 230mm x 160mm

This is an authentic original old, Antique Print, published at the date stated above.
All of our Prints, Maps & Newspapers are Guaranteed to be Original Antiques ? we do not sell reproductions

Good – some of this set have staining, foxing and minor tears in the borders. The image you see is a High Resolution scan of the actual item. Please check the scan for any age related staining, foxing or damage prior to making your purchase. Antique or Vintage prints can often have minor age related defects

Rear of the Print
Another View is on the rear
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